Shaolin Gao Can Mun Nam Pai Chuan Kung Fu
Master Quek Heng Choon in kung fu uniform
Master Quek Heng Choon
Master Quek Heng Choon smiling

A Tribute to Master Quek Heng Choon

A young Master Quek

Welcome to the Master Quek Heng Choon memorial and tribute site. This site is dedicated to a true Shaolin Kung Fu master who has generously taught students from all over the world. His dedication to preserving and developing the traditional Shaolin arts is unsurpassed. Feel free to browse the site and send in your tributes and condolences.

Site Content

The site will be an on-going endeavour to collect images, videos and stories about this martial arts legend.

Master Quek with Shaolin brothers

Shaolin Brothers

Master Quek with Shaolin brothers at a tournament where they were successfully representing the tradition Shaolin arts of Shi Gao Can the famous Shaolin monk. Master Quek is second from the right.


Master Quek with Sifu Lai

Passing On His Art

This image shows Master Quek with his student Sifu Christopher Lai Khee Choong the head of Nam Pai Chuan.

This site is a collection of material from a variety of sources. It is meant to be a tribute site if you have any concerns about the content shown please feel free to email through the contact page.